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The Story So Far latest single.

The Story So Far are that pop punk band that are storming the gates of the Pop Punk kingdom, bursting with raw talent and strong, poignant poetry we call lyrics. These attributes have caused the band to gain a solid following in both their native North America and beyond. They have announced a 7” split with “Stick To Your Guns”, which I will review when it is released in June. A single from that split titled “Clairvoyant” has been released by Pure Noise. It is a track which leans away from their traditional sound but is nevertheless The Story So Far. This track just shows the versatility of the band who, with the release of their latest album “What You Don’t See”, are not showing any signs of slowing in their rise through a genre which some feel has peaked in the years gone by. Bands like The Story So Far, The Wonder Years and Man Overboard, just prove that people, Pop Punk Is Not Dead.